Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Hectic = Jakarta

Like the previous month, me with my co-workers went to Jakarta. On 24 March at 8.30 p.m , we arrived to Soetta International Airport and next we went to Hotel Mega Anggrek. Really tired, so we choose to take a rest quickly.
On 25 March , my company had a Training for members ,Let's work! It's started at 9a.m and finished at 4p.m. Next we take a bath first and we went to Central Park because my stomach want some-delicious -food hahaha
We had a dinner on La-Biere Cafe , me ate spaghetti bolognaise and we had some pizza . After fully, then we walk around at park in the middle of that mall and take some photograph. 
And we went to the hotel, take a reeeest, because tommorow morning we must back to Solo. Bye Jakarta, bye traffic jam, bye hectic day!!

 me , desti, mas ady

 my spaghetti :9
mas ady drunk & dizzy , so he tried to ate my spaghetti LOL

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