Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

my HALF-life, my JOB

Okay, I wanna tell you about my job & my office-mate. In my office I'm to be a CSO (Costumer Servise Officer) , yeah you know that. That was fun, but sometime in other case I'm tottally crazy to facing the costumer. Hahaha, but that was fun. And I do, I my JOB.
In my office,i had close friend, here they are....

from left to right : ELLYSA'kecil', me, APRILYA

They are older than me , but i feel comfort & I consider them like my own sister.
We work together, lunch together, sometime we go together to refreshing our mind. Hehe
Lyk we do last night..Totally fun ,crazy, i love it so much :*

Karaoke-ing @Inul Vista


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